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Newly Pregnant

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Postpartum Health

Congratulations! You birthed your baby, your family is larger, and your adventure together is off to a brilliant start. With every breath, you and your baby are learning, connecting, and growing with one another.

The first hour after birth is one of the most important times for bonding. During this time, you and your baby will recover from the challenges of labor, begin bonding, and establish breastfeeding. If your child is born healthy, we recommend that all other practices be postponed during this hour, including weighing, swaddling, and vitamin supplementation

As you prepare for the postpartum period, consider what kinds of support you’ll need immediately after birth. Enlist friends and family to help you cook, prepare the home, and purchase breast pumps and other tools. You may want to hire a specialized postpartum doula and/or lactation consultant to help support you.

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