About us

About us

SAWP operating under supervision of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage is a collective management organization and is established to protect the rights of performers – mainly vocalists and instrumentalists.  The main goal is to ensure that every performer whose work is used receives due remuneration, of the appropriate amount, without any delays and at the lowest possible cost, regardless of whether his performances are exploited in Poland or also abroad.

Our organisation is also involved in the following:

– ongoing monitoring of the changes in copyright law,

– actively participate in the work of various committees and panels with a view to protecting the rights of performers

– prosecution of criminal offences and criminal proceedings against persons infringing artistic performance rights (performance of musical performances without signing the relevant contract and without paying appropriate remuneration, as well as copying, distributing or selling illegally reproduced music files)

SAWP is a member of international organisations associating associations working in the field of artistic performances, such as SCAPR and AEPO-ARTIS.