Performers and other entitled persons may become members of SAWP after complying with the conditions specified in the Statute. It is also possible to conclude a contract for collective management of rights without applying for SAWP membership.

The activity of our Organization includes:

  • royalty collection,
  • distribution and payment of remuneration,
  • protection of rights in relations with users of their rights, e.g. illegal broadcasting, piracy, etc.
  • support for artistic activities (applications for state awards for our artists, support for musical events)

What makes us unique:

  • availability of broadcasting lists for specific performer,
  • professional and cultural service,
  • access to full and reliable information on the activities of SAWP,
  • practical assistance in reporting the repertoire (instructing in the completion of relevant documents),
  • current access to information on royalty payments,
  • the possibility of submitting performances online.

Please read the information on rights and obligations of eligible persons deriving from the Law and from the Collective Management Agreement concluded with SAWP.

Information on rights and obligations