Peyronie’s disease is a problem for millions of men around the world. Many people turn to urologists to find out treatment options. Some are recommended and agree to have a surgical operation for correction, but some are not recommended.

You can receive a course of treatment from doctors, but often, it comes down to taking some supplements, like L-Arginine, L-Lysine, Ginkgo Biloba, etc., and using penis stretchers or penis pumps (Vacuum Erection Device).

The most common method of painless penis straightening and enlargement is considered to be penis traction. And the most reliable source of information on this topic is the reviews on forums discussing penis straightening.

All of them are packed with messages, questions, reasoning, and personal notes. It was challenging to find useful tips and practical recommendations among all this mass of success stories.

I spent about 2 weeks analyzing hundreds of topics and thousands of posts on 5 different penis straightening forums.

This review will help you save time, effort, and money when choosing a penis straightening device.


#1. QuickExtenderPro Peyronie’s Device ($179.99)
Unique DSS system for comfort and efficiency; up to 4000 gr traction force; bars of different length; Vitamin E; 180-day money back; Free shipping; Discount code: MOPHP

#2. Phallosan Forte ($379)
Up to 2800 gr traction; vacuum adhesion technology; maximum comfort; Made in Germany; Free shipping;

#3. Penimaster PRO Complete Set ($337)
Rod and belt expander; unique comfort system; bars of different length; 1200 gr of tension;

I set out to find out which devices really help straighten the penis, how to use them in real life, how safe they are, and what results from you can achieve.


#1. Darren, 35, Ottawa(USA)

  • The device used: QuickExtenderPro; First results: 1 month; final results: 6 months; Initial penis curvature: 35°; Price: $179.99; Official site: com

I have been on the penis straightening forums for a very long time, ever since I had the first signs of a penis curvature problem, which was about 20 degrees.

How I came to using the penis stretching device

After reading a huge amount of information about various ways to deal with this problem, I finally decided to buy a penis stretcher. The only thing that stopped me was the prospect of constant worries and hassles around the procedure for penis straightening.

At the same time, I realized for myself that penis traction is the only natural and non-surgical way to straighten your penis.

Choosing a device

I bought the QuickExtenderPro Peyronies & Curvature (you can buy it for $179.99) because this is the most technologically advanced rod device with two loops for fixing the penis in the system. I chose it for its many unique features and the accessories for comfort and efficiency.

The QuickExtenderPro offers penis traction up to 4000 grams. There are special comfort memory foam pads, many bars of different lengths for fine-tuning, and high-quality tensioning springs.

In addition, thanks to the DSS system, which is their own development, it is possible to avoid problems with the chafing of the penis in ​​the belt/silicone loop area and the formation of bacteria. Due to the comfort pads, there are air pockets for the skin of the penis to breathe.

The Process

In the first week of using the straightener, I noticed an improvement in my ability to get a fast and powerful erection. I was very impressed with the first results and determined to move on.

For the next 6 months, I devoted myself to the process of straightening the penis using a device. Having researched the penis traction technology in more detail on various sites and tried it on me, I realized that it works great.

What conclusions did I draw:

  1. It is essential to choose a suitable package(I selected the penis straightening version of the device for purchase)
  2. It is important to create and stick to your routine, training schedule
  3. We need to find this very balance of comfort and efficiency and put the stretcher settings in order.
  4. The SizeGeneticsJesExtender, or the ProExtender– it is the same classical model. I don’t think the principle differs from device to device.
  5. I realized that I was, stupidly, postponing straightening the penis and was so afraid of it. But, at the same time, it was not at all about the surgery operation.


My result is a complete elimination of penis curvature(35 degrees) in 6 months of using the device. It was difficult for me, sometimes uncomfortable, but I saw progress and never doubted the result.

#2. Peter, 42 years old, France

  • The device used: Penimaster PRO Complete Set; First results: 1 month; final results: 4 months;Initial penis curvature: 35°; Price: $337; Official site: com

How I came to using the penis stretching device

I want to tell you about my experience with penis straightening. My curvature was 40%, and I had contraindications to the surgical operation. Imagine, my urologist advised me to get used to my bent penis.

I got furious and, with my own knowledge and perseverance, achieved a result in a way that was not too difficult or dangerous. I realized that I need to deal with my problem, sparing no effort and time carefully. And, if you systematically use the penis enlargement device, you can achieve a lot.

How did I proceed?

I asked my director to transfer me to a remote work schedule. This was relevant because of COVID-19, and I was not going to miss my chance to end the penis’ curvature finally.

It was terrible both in sensations and in aesthetic components, and I was timid in front of a girl. This could no longer continue. It was a problem that you cannot and should not accept.

Choosing a device

I decided to buy a German device called Penimaster PRO Complete Set. I was incredibly pleased with my choice and did not doubt it, as I had read many success stories on penis straightening with Penimaster Pro on the forums. I was at home almost all day.

With the restrictions on visiting shops, bars, sometimes even leaving the house was impossible. I had enough work at the computer. Only I did it with the device on my penis.

I counted the hours, those hours of use, to see how hard I was trying. I could wear the penis stretcher for up to 8 hours a day, and I felt the pull. I checked the settings and tried to increase the load.

I used both a shoulder strap, belt or knee strap, and a rod system. This differentiation made it possible to change both the load and the type of attachment and positively affect the achieved result.

What conclusions did I draw

For me, the penis curvature was also associated with pain, so Penimaster PRO helped me cope with it at first in a month. The result was constantly improving, I saw the penis straightening effect, and every month the problem slowly went away.

The doctor had assured me that even the surgical operation would not help me, and it should not be performed in my case. So, what does it do? Was I able to do it myself with Penimaster PRO?

Of course, I couldn’t use the device every day for 8 hours. Sometimes I used it for 2 hours a day, some days I did not use it at all.

In general, I concluded that even 4 hours of penis stretching a day is sufficient for progress. But do not forget to stretch your penis after using the device with the Jelqing technique.

Also, note – I did not have a congenital problem. I developed it 3 years ago. My erection immediately began to subside, and I noticed that it became incomplete, and my penis in an erect state began to seem smaller.

My doctor told me that a lack of erection could even lead to certain injuries during sex and that I need to take Viagra.

It was difficult for me to get used to the penis straightening tool and set it up correctly in order to achieve the result. But this is all training, and I completed it on my own. From time to time, I would feel pain if I did something wrong with the device.


After 4 months, I had only 10 degrees of curvature left. I could not believe it in my happiness – how was it possible?

A couple of tips:

  1. Be sure to keep all air out of the chamber; otherwise, bubbles may form.
  2. If you are going to use the penis straightening device other than at home, use the strap and secure the penis so that it is comfortable for you
  3. Wear the penis traction device without underwear but in comfy sweatpants
  4. Always start with minimal tension

#3. Sam, 46 years old, Atlanta

  • Devices used: Phallosan Forte, HydroXtreme; First results: 1,5 months; final results: 9 months;Initial penis curvature: 31°; Price: $337; Official site: com

How I came to using the penis stretching device

I will share my experience using 2 penis straighteners at once – the Phallosan Forte penis traction device and a HydroXtreme hydro pump. I accomplished the main things – got rid of the curvature, enlarge my penis, and improve my erection.

My problem occurred due to thrombosis or after taking medications. I cannot say with 100% probability, but this state arose spontaneously. I was not born with it.

My problem and search for a solution

The curvature of my penis was 31 degrees. I also complained of pain during my morning erection. Initially, I took Arginine, Magnesium, and Lysine. Right now, I continue to take Magnesium, even after removing the penis curvature of up to 10 degrees.

It did not bother me from the point of view of aesthetics. In addition, I was able to enlarge the penis by 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. I’ve got a new quality of sex, and I am glad that the growth is also noticeable in the relaxed state of the penis.

Choosing a device

My thanks to the Phallosan Forte. I’ll point out the pros:

  1. A clear indication of tension using a scale
  2. Very comfortable design for holding the head of the penis in the vacuum chamber
  3. Soft and cuddly shoulder strap that fits
  4. The ability to use the device while sleeping
  5. The absence of side effects

It is difficult for me to compare any stretching devices because I immediately started using Phallosan Forte, and it was with it that I achieved success. I don’t even know how other stretchers work or if they work at all.

I had no difficulty choosing the BELL(S, M, L) according to the size of the penis or creating a vacuum. More problems arose with the direct placement of the condom on the penis and preparation for use. On average, a supply of condoms is enough for 4 months. Keep this in mind when placing an order.

How it works

I used the device for up to 5 hours every day without interruption. When using it, it is important to point the penis away from the curvature. I even wore the stretcher outdoors, just not wearing my underwear. It is convenient to go to the store with Phallosan Forte to sit in the car.

I’m happy with the way it supports the deadlift. Sometimes I change the direction of the belt if I feel some kind of burning sensation at the base of my penis. Then it passes with a change in the direction of fastening the belt.

I am a little uncomfortable taking it off and put it on. Also, condoms need to be constantly changed because they tear pretty often. I advise you to buy a pack in advance by investing in an order.

What conclusions did I draw

I want to say that I chose this device because of the doctor’s advice. It was recommended to me by a doctor from Atlanta.

This is a vacuum penis traction tool where the head of the penis is held in a special vacuum chamber. Your glans mucosa is not in direct contact with the vacuum, as your penis is in a condom and has a protector cap. Therefore, the use of devices and is not associated with any side effects.

What I really like about the Phallosan Forte is the tension level. I can always check it and make sure my initial settings are saved or change.

I am happy that my penis size has also increased, and the curvature has been completely fixed.

Penis traction device and VED

Phallosan Forte is not the only device I used. My second was the HydroXtreme pump. I only used it 15 minutes a day. It helped me to strengthen my erection, and it also helped a lot in straightening the penis since I use it in combination with a penis stretcher.

The significant advantage of the Phallosan Forte over other penis stretchers is that you can sleep with it. Yes – this is a light dream. But consider that you can wake up several times during the night to take it off or change the thrust direction.

I have been using the penis straightener for a year and have made sure to take care of everything that matters for comfortable use:

  • How you shave your scrotum
  • Whether you put on a new condom
  • What kind of vacuum you use.
  • I also used baby powder to keep the penis in the chamber as well as possible.

Some users have complained that Phallosan’s condom sleeves tear over time, that there is not enough grip, and the penis slips out. My advice to you is to change the condom and use baby powder.

#4. Drake, 34 years old, Miami

  • The device used: Penimaster PRO; First results: 1 month; final results: 8 months; Initial penis curvature: 16°; Official site: com

How I came to using the penis straightening device

I want to tell you about my 2 years of experience using a device to straighten my penis. Back in 2018, I was diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease. I began to study this topic – read forums and watch YouTube actively.

For me, all this has become not only a physical but also a moral trauma. And the only thing that brought me back to normal was my decisive idea, by any means using the penis straightener.

The thing is, I can’t even remember how my penis was bent. I didn’t feel any pain. I went to different urologists, but they did not clearly answer what to do or how to solve my problem. I was not prescribed Pentox. One doctor was in favor of using a penis traction device, and the other was against it.

A plaque formed at the site of the curvature, and because of it, sex became painful. I struggled to have sex for the first 3 months after the problem occurred.

So, do you understand my motivation? My penis not only looked unaesthetic, but I simply could also not have sex. Therefore, I was ready to do anything to rid myself of the problem, and I am very grateful to the developers of Penimaster PRO. It was their device that suited me and helped me get rid of the problem.

Choosing a device

I got tired of going from doctor to doctor, and after reading the forums and the official reviews Penimaster PRO reviews, I decided to act. I was ready to pull 1000 hours and completed this job in a year. The following year I was able to hold out for another 750 hours.

I could not wear the penis traction device for more than 2 hours on weekdays, but more than wear it on weekends until 6 o’clock.

My penis curvature was 16 degrees, penis length 5.31 inches, girth 4.92. My progress over the year is minus 8% curl, penis growth up to 7 inches in length, and 5.31 in width.


In 2 years, I completely eliminated the bend and increased the length of the penis to 7 inches in length and 6.2 inches in width. Moreover, I admit that my progress was modest, and this is only because I could not use the penis straightener for more than 2 hours a day.

Other users said that with 4 hours a day, it was possible to achieve more significant results and 2 times faster.

I also want to point out that my penis was only 5.31 inches long, and now it is 7 inches long. I not only had a straight penis, but I also gained a new penis length, and I got rid of discomfort and pain during sex.

My erection has now become powerful and long-lasting. The technology of penis traction is ideal for me, not only for me but also for everybody who suffers from a penis curvature.

How it works

  1. I warmed up my penis before putting it on the device. Sometimes I went to the shower and purposefully directed a stream of hot water onto the penis.
  2. In one session, I could wear the device for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes
  3. I secured the device so that the pressure was directed against the side of the penis curvature
  4. Then, after 1 hour and 15 minutes, I took a break for about 15 minutes and put on the device again.

What conclusions did I draw

I could not lose. If I didn’t succeed with Penimaster PRO, I would buy a few more devices, but I didn’t have to. Yes, I had little time to use the device, and still, I won.

After losing the first degrees of penis curvature, you gain faith in this technique and this device. You’ll no longer have any questions like “what if it doesn’t work out, what if it’s useless”. You can already see the results!

To everyone who is now reading my response, I want to say – do not despair. There is a solution to your problem, and it does not matter if you have Peyronie’s Disease or acquired penis curvature. You can handle this if you use the penis straightener diligently.


We can talk a lot about the effectiveness of penis stretcher usage. As for me, you should always be guided by the experience of other people who discuss their problems in specialized forums.

There are reviews everywhere for each product. If you take the time and study them, you can be sure whether it is worth using the device to straighten the penis yourself.

Today, many well-known doctors recommend the penis traction method and QuickExtenderPro to cure Peyronies’ Disease or curvature of the penis. 

You have a chance to fight the problem and avoid surgery. The faster you come to this, the faster the problem will be solved, resolving many of the inconveniences you may have experienced.