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As a large number of cannabidiol (CBD) products are available in the market, it became easy for the consumers to take CBD however they like. You may feel overwhelmed by the enormous number of options available for you. Hence, it is important to choose the right product and the right method of consumption for you. Therefore, through this article, we list some of the commonly used methods for taking CBD. You may choose any of this method based on your convenience and requirements.


This is one of the popular ways to consume CBD. This product will have high concentrations of CBD, so it is very effective and provides fast results.

Tinctures are commonly consumed by the sublingual method. It includes placing a few drops of tinctures under your tongue, where the capillaries in your mouth can easily absorb it into your bloodstream. You can also choose to include it in your food items. Add a few drops of tinctures into your favorite smoothie or baked goods, which will make it easy for you to consume CBD.


If you don’t want to consume any CBD products internally, but still want to use CBD, then this is the best choice for you. There are a lot of topicals available in the market including CBD balms, lotions, creams, etc. Different uses of CBD oil can also be reciprocated using CBD topicals.

These products are used for producing localized effects on a particular area. For example, if you have joint pain or inflammation in any part of your body, then you can apply it to the affected area for relieving the pain and inflammation.

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This is one of the most convenient and interesting ways to consume CBD. A variety of food items that are infused with CBD are available in the market including cookies, gummies, chocolates, candies, etc. However, it might take a few hours for edibles to give results, but it can give you long-lasting results.


Capsules make it easy for you to calculate the dosage you are consuming. This is also a discreet method for consuming CBD. However, like edibles, it might take some time to provide the desired effects, but the effects will last long.


A lot of people choose these methods because of the immediate effect they provide. You can buy the best CBD oils that are specially created for inhalation. When you vape/smoke CBD, it will easily reach your bloodstream through your lungs. Therefore, it will kick in really fast than the other methods. However, the results provided by this method will not be long-lasting.