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Hemp oil or CBD oil is a popular cannabidiol product that is liked by many CBD users for the multiple administration methods it offers in addition to its appreciable strength. The right quality CBD oil will offer optimum benefits to the users. Are all CBD oils of the best quality? How do we determine the quality of CBD oil? We give the answers in this article.

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Importance Of Third Party Lab Testing 

The purity of therapeutics plays a major role in deciding the benefits the users get out of it. The purity and quality of CBD oil decide the overall CBD experience one has. Manufacturing of CBD oil is a multistage process that involves complex methods and machines, and the flaws in any one of the steps will affect the quality of the final product.

There is no reason to trust every CBD oil brand blindly with the quality of the products they offer. Fraudsters may employ cheaper CBD oil extraction methods in an attempt to reduce the production cost to reap profits. Some may even use illegal ingredients in the manufacture of CBD oil that could affect the health of the user adversely.

Getting the CBD oil tested for its various parameters is the only solution to develop a clearer idea of its quality. If an in-house testing is done, how far can you trust it?  As it is performed by the manufacturer itself, it is obvious that they may not always give a hundred percent true report.

A third party lab report is different. It is performed by third party labs that do not have any ties with CBD brands to ensure the trustworthiness of their test reports. The labs test CBD oils for:

  • Cannabinoid content
  • Pesticides
  • Microbials
  • Heavy metals

While checking the third party lab result, you have to match the cannabinoid content given in the report with that mentioned in the product label. Check whether the CBD oil has passed the tests for heavy metals, pesticides and toxins. Unless the lab result succeeds to convince you about the CBD oil quality and ensures that it is obtained from pure hemp oil extract, going ahead with its purchase is a bad idea.

Reputable companies give the results of third party lab tests on their website for the customers to check them to reach an appropriate buying decision.

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