Only men can relate to the fact that most of us wait too long before doing something about our health. I’m no exemption. It wasn’t about a year ago that I finally raised the white flag and decided that I couldn’t continue living with a small penis.

It gave me so many relational and sexual problems that it began to wear out my self-esteem.

I wanted a decent sex life. My confidence was waning, and frustration had begun to have the best of my emotional health. I wanted my penis to stick out in my panties a little more than it does now.

So, I found a perfect solution

The key to penis growth is natural penis traction technology. And currently the best device on the market is made by the German medical company called Penimaster.

This brand develops different devices, but I will focus on PRO version only. It combines unique design, various technologies, product developments, and clinical achievements in medical practice.

The Penimaster brand itself was revolutionized with the release of the Pulling Force Generator vacuum adhesion technology. A painless, non-surgical, safe penis enlargement is possible due to the latest medical advances in penis stretching.

The company’s laboratory develops its products to help men solve their sexual problems. All Penimaster devices can help you, but you need guidance to find the perfect device that suits you.

What is Penimaster PRO?

Brief review:

  • Success rate – 93%
  • Prices: PRO Complete Set – $337, Rod Expander – $293, Belt Expander – $272;
  • Benefits: 1150 g of tension; rod and belt systems; clinically proven and safe
  • Made by: MSP Concept(Germany)
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Money back: 30 days
  • Shipping: Worldwide (Express shipping available)
  • Official order: com

It is a medical device for stretching the penis. By using the penis stretching tool for a long time, you can enlarge and straighten the penis.

This device works based on penis traction technology. It uses a unique technology due to a special vacuum chamber(Pulling Force Generator), which holds the head of the penis.

Alternatively, a device with rods and tension screws (Rod extender) or a strap that can be worn over the shoulder, waist, or knee (Belt expander) can be applied. All these are the company’s patented development for effective and quick results.

*Note: If you need value for money, Penimaster Pro is your go-to stretcher. Of course, the device is not cheap because all Penimaster elements are made from high-quality medical materials. I bought my Penimaster Pro Complete Set extender for a whooping sum of $400. Yet, I’ve got no regrets!

Rod and belt construction

The manufacturer offers two types of fastening in the complete set. These fastenings are desirable for combining different loads and using other methods to achieve stable growth and a straight penis.

It has been proven that this technology is safe. The extra perk is that it makes the penis enlargement procedure more comfortable than most devices.

Since the head of the penis is not in contact with the rigid structure, the anatomically correct design of the vacuum chamber and the protection from the vacuum by a condom and membrane makes the device very comfortable and usable.

So much so that it can be used even while sleeping because the Belt Expander has no rigid barbells or elements that can damage the penis.

How should Penimaster PRO be used?

It would help if you thought long-term – there would be no shortcuts. I’m talking about long-term use of the penis traction device for at least 6 months. Some men use it for straight 12-24 months. And you need to use the device for about 2-6 hours every day.

Yes, you heard me right: 2-6 hours every day for 6-24 months. As I said, Penimaster Pro is super at comfort and results, and you should have no problems using it for a long time because it takes a while to stretch the tissues of the penis to be successful.

How is it possible to build up new penis tissue? Constant pressure is the answer!

To evaluate your routine and its effectiveness, you can create a training plan for yourself, record your penis parameters, use time, record breaks, and have visual representations.

Note*: You can use either the barbell or the strap for 1 day. The alternation helps to make the load more efficient.

You say do I need anything else? No, you don’t need to buy anything except the Penimaster PRO package. The design details of the penis stretcher are thought out in terms of quality and comfort. And the comfort for such delicate parts of the body as the penis is maximum, which means that the accessories quickly become unusable.

8 reasons to choose Penimaster PRO

I was wondering why Penimaster PRO is the best choice for you?

Here are the matchless benefits:

  1. Durability

The manufacturer guarantees the durability of the device (5 years warranty)

  1. German quality in everything

Here, Penimaster PRO follows the philosophy of the German manufacturing industry.

  1. Unique Pulling Force Generator technology

This ensures correct retention of the head of the penis in the device for comfortable stretching of the penis.

  1. Compliance with medical standards

Penimaster PRO was designed with total compliance with all medical standards in Europe.

  1. Medical acknowledgment

It is this extender that is used for postoperative rehabilitation after surgical penis enlargement.

  1. Comfort accessories

Possession of comfort accessories that make penis enlargement or straightening a painless process.

  1. Money-back guarantee

If the device was ineffective for you, you can rest assured that you’ll get your money back. This is the integrity with which this product was made.

  1. Unique Barbell system

Even though vacuum technology is considered less effective than barbell-strap technology, Penimaster PRO has its own barbell system, increasing the efficiency of stretching the penis.

10 benefits of Penimaster PRO

  1. Combined penis-tension design (including barbells and strap)
  2. Accurate tension settings
  3. Guaranteed official quality
  4. Lots of accessories for comfort
  5. Adjustable extender to the size of the penis and the kind of procedure
  6. Various wearing options
  7. Applicable during sleep
  8. No contact between the head of the penis and the vacuum adhesion technology
  9. The high-quality quality of intricate details and medical guarantee of protection against hypoallergenicity
  10. Guaranteed results, thanks to the device, penis increases proportionally in length and width

How Long has will my Penis Become?

I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know what to expect from the device’s functionality. However, it should interest you to know that the results you get are very individual as it depends on: “how long you use the device, how often you use it, and your personal device settings.”

Overall, you can expect an average penis enlargement of 1.5-2 inches in length and 0.5-0.8 inches in width. This is the average result that almost everyone who seriously stretches their penis with Penimaster PRO achieves.

How can I improve my result with Penimaster PRO?

The HydroMax penis pump is the most effective accessory to improve the result of using a stretcher. It helps increase erection and blood flow and relax the tissues of the penis to enhance growth.

Also, Jelqing penis exercises work best. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the techniques for penis enlargement by hand.

Of course, taking a natural complex of dietary supplements like VigRx Plus with many erection stimulants has a beneficial effect on the growth of penis tissue and erection.

Possible side effects

Like I said earlier, there are no side effects to using Penimaster(PRO or Chrome). For instance, using the device for too long or too little time, or irregularly, can create self-made problems. Always follow the instructions that come with the device.

In general, the penis stretching device is safe for health and does not cause serious inconvenience.

Evidently, Penimaster PRO is suited for the process of enlarging the penis.

Penimaster Chrome(Classic), Weight Expander vs. PRO

You have to know that Penimaster PRO is far from being the lone package in the brand’s assortment. The company’s first device is called Penimaster Chrome (Classic).

It is a barbell construction that works the same way today as it did when it was created. This German tool is probably the best among similar devices on the market. This is because, despite its classic design, it has several features that allow it to be more comfortable than any other rod-and-strap device.

Penimaster PRO has a built-in system to unfasten the clips (Safety clip), making it easy to detach the base from the strap. It’s convenient because you don’t have to pull the strap out of the extender base constantly. This prolongs the durability of the strap, which, by the way, is softer than any analogs.

Also, I would like to mention the Penimaster PRO Weight Expander system. This works with the help of sinkers. Such a tool is very inconvenient, but it was precisely its technology that formed the basis for such devices. After all, this is the same penis extension device used by our ancestor’s many hundreds of years ago.

Clinical trials and results

You don’t have to hold back because you’re afraid or unsure about the safety and efficiency of the Penimaster PRO. It’s interesting to know that this device has gained popularity among medical professionals.

I will cite two clinical trials and their results:

  • Dr. Zeng, a urologist from the Shanghai Renji Institute of China, tested this tool on 30 of his patients and claims later: “Regarding medical use of the device on 30 patients, they demonstrated growth of 1 inch in length in 3 months.”
  • Dr. Mika Kapanen from the Finnish Institute of Urology, after testing the device on 24 men aged 21 to 59 years for 6 months for 6-8 hours a day with only one day off per week, reports successful testing the device’s effectiveness after 3 months of use. In his words: “Penimaster PRO exceeded all my expectations and impressed me with the ability of the male body to create new cells for tissue growth in such a short period.

I will gladly prescribe the use of this device to my patients so that they achieve significant penis enlargement in a short time without side effects.”

Still unsure? Read the medical facts

Fact #1.

According to the British Journal of Urology, a controlled clinical study was published in 2018 after testing the device on 90 patients. Penimaster PRO was found to be a safe and effective device to fight Peyronies Disease.

Fact #2.

Penimaster PRO  is certified according to ISO 13485

Fact #3.

According to the company’s official statements, the first results can be observed after 4 weeks of using the device after daily use for several hours.

Likewise, after several months of use, you can see the growth of the penis in length and width due to the development of the cells of the penis tissues. Also, you can already see the result of straightening the penis if it was formerly curved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the frequently asked questions I have come across and my responses to them. It should also be of help to you.

  • Is it worth buying the Penimaster PRO Complete Set, or is it possible to buy the Rod Extender or Belt Expander?

Factually, several men prefer to save money and not complicate their routine by using only one type of attachment – be it a barbell device or a strap one.

At the same time, practice shows that the combined use of the device is most appropriate. This creates the types of load on the tissues of the penis, which should stretch and form new cells. The Penimaster PRO package contains everything you need in a convenient case.

The process of penis traction itself is described in detail on medical websites. You just have to choose an extender that will effectively adhere to the technology and protect the penis from side reactions such as redness, bruising, etc.

  • Why should I trust this particular device when there is so much variety on the market?

Many factors make this device the best on the market and most suitable for men who do not want to feel uncomfortable using penis stretcher. All of them are described above. You can read again and find the facts for yourself.

Yet, I’ll mention here again that we are talking about a medically proven device of the highest quality, about which thousands of men have left their comments. This means it is recommended for use by practicing doctors and from outcomes of publications in leading medical journals.

  • How long will I have to use the device? When will the results be seen?

The first result can be seen already after 1-2 months of daily use. This result will be crucial to your motivation. You should know that this stretcher works for everyone.

You need to constantly use it with the correct settings to familiarize yourself with the instructions. The maximum result is achieved in different ways, from 8-12 months, sometimes up to 24 months.

How to buy a Penimaster Pro device

To purchase Penimaster PRO or any other Penimaster products, you need to go to the official Penimaster website. Please note that you need an online store to shop, as the main site contains information about all Penimaster devices and the medical confirmation of quality and effectiveness.

Don’t get lost on the site! You can take my word for it and just go ahead with Penimaster PRO Complete Set.

The device is available for purchase in about six different variations, namely:

  1. Complete Set: Full Penimaster PRO package (recommended for purchase!)
  2. Pro Rod Expander: Separate Rod Device
  3. Belt Expander: Separate strap device
  4. Basic System: Vacuum adhesive device
  5. Classic: The version of Penimaster Chrome with a barbell strap design
  6. Weigh Expander: A device with weights


  • When placing an order, be sure to additionally order membranes and condoms, as they often break due to the delicacy of all accessories.
  • Delivery is possible anywhere in the world through various services (including express delivery).

Choosing a penis stretcher is a daunting task

Finding and deciding on a suitable penis enlargement device is not a walk in a park. Several men have resigned to fate and settled for less because they were not prepared to make a tremendous effort and endure the frustrations of finding the perfect solution.

For example, you need to read and study relevant information on many sites and forums, knowing that every device has its technical characteristics, properties, benefits, side effects, and unique features.

So, if you are now at the stage of buying a device and are simply looking for the final word: “YES, it works, you can safely buy,” – this article is just for you. I assure you! Read this review to the end, and you’ll find all the answers.

If you’ve read this far, then I can certainly tell that you’re tired of putting off finding the perfect solution to your small penis. Perhaps like me, you can’t stop thinking about finding the ideal stretcher to enlarge your penis.

Yet, every time we find reasons to abandon this problem. Clearly, no one can wish away a severe challenge. We need to stop procrastinating and start taking the proper steps in the right direction.

For me, after putting aside my search for a solution to my small penis, I’m quickly reminded of the sexual frustrations, relational failure, emotional wreck, constant embarrassments, and the fear that she would eventually say: “What a small penis you have.”

This became a vicious cycle, and I will tell you right away: don’t be like me! If you know you’ve had enough, then decide, and act! Indeed, when you finally take that bold step, you will regret that you lost so much time because it works.

Promotions and discounts

Guess what! I’m excited to let you know that Penimaster is now offering a 20% discount for those who already own an extender or penis pump of any kind. You can read more about this promotion on the official website.


I tested many different stretchers and chose the device I was constantly engaged in stretching the penis. I have now been using Penimaster PRO for the past 6 months, and I recommend it!

I became convinced that comfort is essential to me for a constant routine. The classic stretcher design allows for faster penis enlargement (I initially enlarged my penis 0.5 inches with SizeGenetics).

It can be pretty unsafe for the penis. The constant rubbing of the strap on the head with any accessories for comfort is painful and unpleasant. Besides, my settings were often lost, and the penis slipped out of the strap attachment.

Penimaster PRO helps you forget that you have a device in your pants and creates pressure on the penis. The device mustn’t distract you from your daily activities.

With Penimaster PRO, I achieved my desired results: Grow my penis to about 2.5 inches in length and about 0.8 in width. This is a significant result for me. Yes, I intensified the procedure with constant pumping with the HydroXtreme pump. Overall, I love the outcome! My confidence is back!

I definitely recommend Penimaster PRO for both penis enlargement and straightening. Let this review be your informational support for other thoughts that you read about the device.

I hope my detailed guide as a genuine user will motivate you to take action. You cannot continue to postpone your happiness. Don’t be left out; use the 20% discount (if you qualify).

Remember, indecision only drives people into a tight corner. Why not buy and try today! You can cancel and get your money back. But without trying, you will slide further down in problems and dissatisfaction that a small penis has created in your sex life.

Could you do it now? Your perfect solution is just a click away!