Quick Extender Pro Review – Find Out My 6 Months Usage Experience

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Quick Extender Pro review, I am going to share my experiences and journey of using this penis extender.

I was introduced to this device by one of my friend who already used this one and was able to benefit out of this amazing penis extender.

This one of the major reason that I used Quick Extender Pro.

Hence, the things that I will be writing in this Quick Extender Pro review are only my experiences. You cannot take those things as medical advice.

I will not waste much of your time and start with the Quick Extender Pro review.

Quick Extender Pro overview

If you go by the words, you would be able to understand that this is a device that could help you extend your penis quickly.

Quick Extender Pro is one of the top rated and best penis extenders and is also one of the most talked about devise when it comes to extending penis.

It has been so successful in this field because, it gives triple benefit to the regular users.

quick extender pro

Quick Extender Pro could be used for extending the size of penis, it also is effective in the treatment of curved penis and at the same time it is recommended by the physicians in treating Peyronie’s disease as well.

A number of sexologists also recommend using this device. The reason being, it follows a proven technique to extend the size of penis.

As a result, there has been a great increment in the demand of Quick Extender Pro.

How Quick Extender Pro Works?

If you try to understand the functionality of Quick Extender Pro, you will find out it works on a pretty basic function of biology.

Various governmental research has also mentioned the same things in their research.

Let me discuss the process step by step.

  1. Penis Traction
    This is the very initial step that you need to be regular with. This step involves wearing of this device on your penis for around 5-6 hours a day.

    As a result of which your penis will start feeling a micro level tension within the cells. This tension within the cell is at very minute level.

    Hence, there will not be any pain or any damage caused to you. At the same time, you will not feel any kind of uneasiness or any hindrance in your day-to-day activities.

  2. Microscopic Tear
    This is the second step that takes automatically. In the first step you need to wear the device regularly. The second involves microscopic tear caused in the penis cells.

    Hence, the natural defense system in your body will be activated and it will rush to cover the microscopic damage done to your tissues.

    As a result of which, new cells will be formulated. This process of damage repair and new cell creation is referred to as mitosis.

  3. Cell Division
    The third step involves the cell division. Here, there will be healing process and simultaneously new cells will be created.

    This cell division is regarded as a healthy sign and these new cells will contribute to the new length on your penis.

    This final stage involves the extension of your penis size.

My Journey Of Using Quick Extender Pro

I was never aware that, the size of my penis is small. When I heard this line for the first time, I was pretty disappointed.

This happened to me when I was 25, when I was with my first girlfriend. When she saw my penis, she was surprised by seeing the size of my penis.

Also, I was not able to satisfy her. Hence, the first sex experience of my life was ruined. She broke up with me.

I started slipping into the depression. Seeing my condition, one of my friend asked me about my problems and I shared all my issues with him.

This is when he suggested me to go for Quick Extender Pro. Since I am geek, I did my own research and found out that, this device works on the FDA approved formula of penis traction.

This very point about Quick Extender Pro prompted me the most to use this amazing penis extender.

When it came to usage, I was really excited for using this device and seeing my penis grow in size.

I started wearing this device. It took me around 4-5 days to get used to the fact that I had something on my penis.

The first month usage was all about getting used to wearing the device. I did not expect many results.

But from the second month, I was kind of expecting something. But nothing improved in terms of length.

I was kind of heart broken but I continued the journey as I knew that I had to wear the device for at least 6 months for optimal results.

From the third month I saw a little improvement and 5th and 6th months gave great and satisfactory results.

My penis size was increased by at least 20%. I am planning to start wearing the device again to add a little more length and also to check if it is possible for me to get another round of length on my penis.

Benefits Of Quick Extender Pro

If you are a regular user of Quick Extender Pro, you could expect these benefits.

Although I am also sharing the benefits that I personally felt when I used this amazing penis extender.

  1. Increased My Penis Size Naturally
    This is one of the most obvious benefit that can expect. I was able to get benefited out of this.

    This device works according to the proven process or formula of penis traction. Hence, the end result is always an extended penis inmost of the cases.

  2. Fixes Curved Penis
    Although, I did not have a curved penis. But a number of sexologist or physicians recommend this device to their patients for making their penis a straight one.

    This is also scientifically proven that, this type of penis traction device are pretty useful in correcting the shape of the penis.

  3. Better Sexual Intercourse
    I personally felt this amazing benefit when I had sex with one of my other partner after getting the extended penis. I was able to last long and increase my comfort level while I was in the act.

    At the same time, I was able to satisfy my partner which was just amazing experience for me. As I was not able to satisfy my previous girlfriend.

    But thanks to penis extender, I was able to satisfy my current sex partner. This was something new and really satisfying to me.

  4. Tackles Peyronie’s Disease
    There have been much research in which it is found that, with the regular usage of Quick Extender Pro, a number of people were able to recover from Peyronie’s disease.

Why Is Quick Extender Pro Successful?

There are so many reasons behind the success of Quick Extender Pro.

Let me list out some of them.

  1. One of the best thing that I liked about this device is the product design. I never felt uncomfortable while using Quick Extender Pro.
  2. The quality of material used in the device is of top quality. And it never made me feel like something is wrong with the devise.
  3. I was initially pretty scared when I read that there will be a microscopic tear and it might damage my penis. But after using it for six months, I thank GOD that I did not take the step back and used it for full six months.
  4. A number of people think that the penis extender devise might be heavy on their penis. But this was not the case when I used Quick Extender Pro. The aluminum rods were pretty light and never caused any type of hindrance.

  5. The Dual Strap support was an amazing add-on has been added by the manufacturers of Quick Extender Pro. This supported my penis all the times and there was no slippage and the device never fell or misplaced due to the exerted pressure.

My Final Thoughts On Using Quick Extender Pro

In totality, I was pretty satisfied that I was able to add an additional length to my penis.

Hence, this device kind of saved me from slipping into the depression. This is because, my first girlfriend told me that I had a small penis and also was not able to satisfy her, I was literally torn apart.

This was when, my friend recommended me this amazing penis extender and I used it continuously for around 6 months and was able to extend my penis.

Hence, this device worked for me and it works for most of the men as well.

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